The Lifeforce Trilogy

Series 1: Foundation

Chapter 1     Bubbling Spring (KI1) – Sole of the foot, The Earth’s Embrace

Chapter 2     Golden Gate (LV3) – Between the first and second toes, The Threshold of Transformation

Chapter 3     Supreme White (SP3) – Side of the foot near the base of the big toe, The Nurturer

Chapter 4     Rushing Yang (ST42) – Top of the foot, The Fountain of Insight

Chapter 5     Three Yin Crossing (SP6) – Just above the ankle, The Weave of Fate

Chapter 6     Grandfather Grandson (SP4) – Inner arch of the foot, The Lineage of Wisdom (Network Point)

Chapter 7     Yang Mound Spring (GB34) – Lateral side of the lower leg, The Mountain’s Echo

Chapter 8     Bright Light (GB37) – Lower leg several inches above the ankle, The Beacon of Clarity

Chapter 9     Sea of Blood (SP10) – Inner thigh above the knee, The Vessel of Life

Chapter 10     Abundant Splendor (ST40) – Lower leg, The Breath of Life

Chapter 11     Leg Three Miles (ST36) – Below the knee on the front of the leg, The Pillar of Support (Source Point)

Chapter 12     Supreme Stream (KI3) – Inside the ankle, The Wellspring of Vitality (Source Point)

Chapter 13     Chalice of Serenity (SP9) – Just below the knee, inside the leg, The Water Diviner

Chapter 14     Gushing Spring (KI2) – Below the junction of the 1st and 2nd metatarsal bones, The Calm Waters

Chapter 15     Alchemy’s Nexus (LV8) – Crook of the knee, The Spring of Harmony (Source Point)

Series 2: Core

Chapter 1     Ocean of Qi (CV6) – Below the navel, The Primal Source

Chapter 2     Central Treasury (LV14) – Below the breasts on the ribcage, The Guardian of Equilibrium

Chapter 3     Gate of Hope (LV14) – Below the nipple line, The Dawn’s First Light

Chapter 4     Will’s Chamber (BL23) – Near the lower back, The Oracle’s Den

Chapter 5     Cloud Gate (LU2) – Below the clavicle, Breath of Beginnings (Source Point)

Chapter 6     Inner Gate (PC6) – Inner forearm, The Calmer of Storms (Network Point)

Chapter 7     Silk Bamboo Hole (SJ5) – Outer forearm, The Harmonizer of Elements (Network Point)

Chapter 8     Spirit Gate (HT7) – Wrist, Gateway to Emotional Depth (Source Point)

Chapter 9     Union Valley (LI4) – Between the thumb and index finger, The Crossroads

Chapter 10     Great Abyss (LU9) – Wrist crease, Depths of the Soul (Source Point)

Chapter 11     Broken Sequence (LU7) – Above the wrist on the inner arm, Breaking Through (Network Point)

Chapter 12     Palace of Weariness (HT6) – Inner forearm, The Hearth of Rejuvenation

Chapter 13     Penetrating Inside (HT5) – Lower arm near the wrist, Voice of the Heart

Chapter 14     Cycle Gate (CV4) – Below the navel, The Seat of Vitality

Chapter 15     Middle Court (CV12) – Between the navel and sternum, The Center of Power

Series 3: Crown

Chapter 1     Luminous Pearl (GV20) – Top of the head, The Crown of the Cosmos

Chapter 2     Sacred Temple (GB7) – Above the ear, Echoes of Divinity

Chapter 3     Calm Sleep (GV16) – Base of the skull, The Veil of Dreams

Chapter 4     Heaven’s Pillar (BL10) – Base of the skull, The Bridge to the Infinite

Chapter 5     Gates of Consciousness (GB20) – Base of the skull, The Sentinels of Clarity

Chapter 6     Sun’s Radiance (SI11) – Center of the scapula, The Illuminator

Chapter 7     Shoulder Well (GB21) – Top of the shoulder, The Stress Reliever

Chapter 8     Window of Heaven (TH16) – Just below the base of the skull, on the neck, The Breath’s Gate

Chapter 9     Jade Pillow (GB12) – Below the base of the skull, near the spine, The Tranquilizer

Chapter 10     Hall of Impression (GV24.5) – Forehead between the eyebrows, The Mind’s Eye

Chapter 11     Third Eye Point (Yintang) – Mid-forehead, The Eye of Intuition

Chapter 12     Temple Three (SJ23) – Temporal region, The Clarity Enhancer

Chapter 13     Ear Gate (TH21) – In front of the ear, The Listener’s Portal

Chapter 14     Heavenly Reunion (SJ16) – Lateral neck, The Harmonizer of Extremes (Restored)

Chapter 15     Wind Screen (SJ17) – Whisper of Clarity – Behind the earlobe, The Whisper of Clarity (Network Point)