Dr. Ward Coleman, N.D.

Dr. Ward Coleman, N.D., is a naturopathic doctor whose holistic approach to wellness is rooted in a blend of traditional naturopathic principles and modern scientific research. His journey in natural medicine began with a B.S. in Clinical Nutrition from Westbrook University in 1992, laying the groundwork for what would become a lifelong pursuit of healing and education. In 1996, he earned his N.D. from the University of Natural Medicine, signifying a formal commitment to the naturopathic path.

Dr. Coleman’s expertise is bolstered by certifications from the Winters School of Massage Therapy and continued education at The Upledger Institute (CranioSacral Therapy) reflecting his dedication to mastering a range of therapeutic modalities. His practice is enriched by his proficiency in Physiotherapy, Naturopathic Manipulations, and Natural Therapeutics, as well as specialized diagnostic tools like Iridology and Systems Strength Analysis.

At the heart of Dr. Coleman’s practice is his passion for using advanced nutrition and food chemistry to foster health from within. This passion, coupled with his focus on comprehensive lifestyle modifications, enables him to design holistic treatment plans that address not just the symptoms, but the underlying nd upstream root causes and vectors of illness.

Dr. Coleman’s mission extends beyond treating his patients. He is a pioneer, continually innovating and staying abreast of the latest developments in natural therapeutics and breakthroughs in precision medicine. Through his practice, he aims to serve a broad audience, from the young to the elderly, with the ambitious goal of eradicating illness through the power of naturopathy and functional medicine.

With an absolute certainty that the body is a self-healing organism when given the proper support, Dr. Coleman’s method is about empowering individuals to unlock their inherent potentials and achieve full health.

“Advancing the Science of Balance”

My Specialties

  • System Strength Analysis
  • Naturopathic Manipulations & Natural Therapeutics
  • Hair Mineral Analysis
  • Blood Chemistry & Urine Analysis
  • Colon Hygiene
  • Iridologist
  • CranioSacral Therapy
  • Visceral Manipulation
  • Massage Therapy

My philosophy is that by strengthening weakened systems, glands and organs it is possible to increase the life expression of a person. This results in more personal power, greater clarity of purpose, more facilitated transformation, and more capability to join in creativity with others. No matter what challenge is facing an individual (grief, disease, stress, etc.), being potent to meet the challenge is where all sense of fulfillment lives.




B.S., Bachelor of Science in Clinical Nutrition, Westbrook University


N.D., Doctor of Naturopathy, University of Natural Medicine

Additional Training

L.M.T., Winters School of Massage Therapy

The Santa Fe Academy of Natural Healing