Zen Shibumi Ki Do: Mastering Mind and Body for Holistic Health


Zen Shibumi Ki Do offers a unique approach to mastering the inner monologue and imagery flow at will. This practice confers subtle powers that can profoundly enhance and improve your life. Unlike other Zen practices that immerse you in a specific identity, Zen Shibumi Ki Do provides Zen-derived methods that are practical and instantly applicable. By strengthening your Ki, a concept rooted in Zen, Taoism, and Tibetan yoga, you can achieve a state of heightened awareness and energy.


Shedding Mind and Body Instantly




Zen Practice:


Zen practice involves total absorption, resolve, and dedication to pushing all the way through. Archery, for example, can be a Zen practice. Read Eugene Herrigel’s book on the Zen of Archery. Nietzsche encapsulates this with “A yes, a no, a straight line — a goal.” In Zen, you push forward until everything drops away, unlike in other areas of life where there is a stopping point short of “shedding body and mind.” Any practice can be a Zen practice if you go all the way and break through. Once the illusions of life are broken through, and thinking is exhausted, Mind is realized in a flash. “Majestic and imposing, I’ve come from the mountains!”


Cutting Off Your Own Head:


Kneel in Seiza and bring all your attention, along with the energetic flow of your breath, to the seika tanden (the one-point in the lower belly). This action “cuts off your head.” If any thoughts occur, they appear like miracles in space, dreams or hallucinations in the night. You will be aware, clear, relaxed, and inspired. No problems, no mind, no body—just the sense of breathing and moving around or sitting still. Once you’ve “cut off your own head,” you can do whatever you like. Meditation becomes effortless. If this doesn’t work, try sudden shouting to startle yourself into the unborn state.


Shouting It Out:


While resting in an even state, at ease, suddenly let out a mind-shattering “Ha!”. This should be fierce, forceful, and abrupt. You’ll find yourself transfixed in wonder, with everything becoming transparent and clear. This method brings about a fresh, pure, and indescribable state.


Priming the Pump with Breath Meditation:


“Prime the pump” by breathing in slowly and deeply with fine attention to the breath’s flow and the body’s expansion. The out-breath should be cool, natural, and relaxed. Accumulate a blazing fire in the Seika Tanden area with each breath. Do a series of deep, slow, aware in-breaths (10 to 25 repetitions). Suddenly make the out-breath an explosive “Ha!” to shatter the usual dualistic mind and taste the realm of “Suchness.” Experience Great Awareness, Great Energy, and Great Space as one sphere of absolute reality.


Gaze at Your Index Finger:


Look at your index finger without giving rise to any thoughts for 30 seconds. If you manage this for just one or two seconds, you’ll see it with magical clarity. Compare the state of seeing without thinking to the state of seeing with thinking. Which is better? Realize how thoughts can blind you to simple realities.


Leap Into the 360 Degree Panorama of Mind:


Shift your attention to focus on the colors of your screen or book, then expand this focus to the 360-degree panorama of the room you’re in. Experience sounds and sensations free of thinking. Accomplishing this leap can give you startling new abilities effortlessly.


Just Still Thoughts:


Master Yuanwu says to still your thoughts right in the midst of disturbance. Start an intense series of emotional thoughts, then “still” them suddenly, like pouring cold water into boiling water.


Drop Thought as You Grip a Sword:


As soon as you grip your sword, all thinking should vanish instantly like a snowflake on a hot stove. This is a forceful yet subtle technique.


Give Everything Back to Its Source:


Give light back to the sky, darkness to empty space, body to the four elements, thoughts to books, etc. Rest nakedly in the no-thing left over. What’s left is the real “I Am,” the great bindu without size or location.


Intensive “Shedding” Meditation:


Follow the meditation progress of Buliang Yi under the guidance of Nüyu (The Woman Hunchback). Achieve states like putting the world, beings, and life outside yourself, seeing your own aloneness, and entering no life and no death.


Polishing a Dusty Mirror:


As you meditate, allow your breathing to purify whatever is inside, like polishing a dusty mirror with a rag. In the end, breathing will breathe itself.


White Gauze Visualization:


Visualize a piece of white gauze and mentally project yourself through it. On the other side, experience pure consciousness itself.


Put Your Mind into a Sound:


Focus all your attention on a sound outside your body. Your mind will become the space that includes both inside and outside your body. Experience the non-duality of sound and awareness.


Gaze without Thinking at a Tibetan Thangka:


Look at a Tibetan Thangka until you are clearly aware without mental fixation. Drop all mental clinging for a state of nonmeditation and bare awareness.


Take Outside Inside:


Take the whole vast universe inside you and experience it as your whole and real self.


Merge Your Mind with Space:


Extend your mind into space in all directions, merging it completely with space. This is a very powerful technique.


Zen Bamboo Flute:


Playing the bamboo flute with total absorption is a profound Dharma practice. The flute’s sound contains all vibrations, similar to OM.


Misogi (Pouring Ice Water on Your Head):


Dousing your body with cold water wipes out thoughts instantly. With practice, you can breathe calmly under the shock of the ice water.


Zen Shibumi Ki Do teaches you how to control your inner monologue and imagery flow, leading to subtle powers beyond measure. This practice, derived from various traditions including Zen, Taoism, and Tibetan yoga, enhances and improves your life by strengthening your Ki. By applying these techniques, you can achieve a state of heightened awareness and energy, transforming your everyday experiences into profound moments of clarity and insight.